English PEDAGOGY Language II TET Paper 2 Free Online Mock Test

English PEDAGOGY Language II TET Paper 2 Free Online Mock Test

TRT TET Paper 1 Language II English PEDAGOGY

English PEDAGOGY Language II mcq questions are very important objective multiple choice questions for crack TET Paper 2 in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh based on D.Ed, B.Ed books. This English PEDAGOGY Language II Practice Test is very useful for students to get good score in TET, TRT examination.

English PEDAGOGY Language II TET Paper 2 Free Online Mock Test is useful fro crack TS TET, AP TET, CTET, UP TET, KTET etc

English Content And Methodology

English PEDAGOGY Language II Syllabus For TET, TRT:
CONTENT (Marks: 24)
(1) Parts of Speech
(2) Tenses
(3) Active voice & Passive voice
(4) Prepositions and Articles
(5) Degrees of comparison
(6) Clauses
(7) Verbs – Main Verbs – Auxiliary Verbs
(8) Adverbs – Types of Adverbs
(9) Conjunction – coordinating conjunction – subordinating conjunction.
(10) Direct and Indirect speech
(11) Questions and question tags
(12) Types of sentences – simple, compound and complex – synthesis of sentences
(13) Phrases – uses of phrases.
(14) Composition – letter writing – precise writing
(15) Comprehension
(16) Vocabulary – Antonyms, Synonyms and Spellings
(17) Meaning of idiomatic expressions,
(18) Correction of Sentences,
(19) Sequencing of the Sentences in the given paragraph
(20) Error identification within a sentence

English PEDAGOGY (Marks: 06)
1. Aspects of English:-
(a) English language – History, nature, importance, principles of English as second language
(b) Problems of teaching / learning English
2. Objectives of teaching English.
3. Phonetics
4. Development of Language skills:-
(a) Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing (LSRW).
(b) Communicative skills.
5. Approaches, Methods, Techniques of teaching English.
(a) Introduction, Definition and Types of approaches methods and techniques of teaching English
(b)Remedial teaching.
6. Teaching of structures and vocabulary items.
7. Teaching learning materials in English
8. Lesson Planning
9. Curriculum & Textbooks
10.Evaluation in English language Teaching – CCE

Total Questions:6
Marks: 6
Negative Marks: NO
Durations: 24 Minutes

Leaderboard: TRT TET Paper 1 Language II English PEDAGOGY

maximum of 278 points
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