TRT TET English Methodology and Content Questions with Answers

TRT TET English Methodology, Content and Pedagogy study material and practice bits. These are very important previous questions with answers helps for preparation of TGT, PGT, SA (School Assistant English), SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher) CTET paper 1, paper2 teacher jobs.
1. Banishment of Mother Tongue in the class room takes place in ……
1) GT method
2) TPR
3) Bilingual method
4) Direct method

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Direct method

2. The word method in the teaching of reading was first introduced by ……………
1) Dodson
2) Franke
3) Comenius
4) Edmund Prurke

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3. The hall mark of structural approach is…..
1) Forming speech habits
2) Mastery of selected structures in meaningful situations.
3) Memorisation of vocabulary.
4) Repetition and drills

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Forming speech habits

4. Selecting frequently occurred structure in SO- S approach denotes ………
1) The utility oriented aspect
2) The simplicity principle
3) The productive oriented aim
4) The easily teachable feature

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The utility oriented aspect

5. Reading is a ………… skill.
1) Receptive
2) Productive
3) Corrective
4) Possessive

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