10th Class biology Chapter wise Important Bit Bank in English Medium

10th Class biology Chapter wise Important bit bank Bits in English medium. 10th Class Biological Science Chapter wise question bank bits for Tenth Class (English Medium students) Natural Sciences Nutrition, The circulatory system, Respiration, Transportation, The circulatory system, Reproduction, Our environment, Natural resources Important Bits. Reproduction in Plants Blood And Its Components Blood Groups and 10th Class Biological Science Important Bits for English Medium Students. This study material will useful a lot. This study material contains chapter wise important bits for 10th class students as well as all competitive exams like POLYCET, APRJC GURUKULAM, DEECET. These questions are important objective multiple choice questions for 10th Class Social Studies Public Examinations in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh.

10 BIOLOGY mcq bits for all competitive exams


1. Oxygen was discovered by ________ (1774). And the name was coined by ______ (1775).

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Priestly , Lavoisier

2. _________ formulated the equation for photosynthesis.

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C.B.Van Neil (1931)

3. The colour of chlorophyll ‘A’ is _________ and chlorophyll ‘B’ is ___________ .

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blue-green, yellow-green

4. Pelletier and Caventou extracted _________ in 1817.

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5. Maximum Co2 fixation is done by ___________ .

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phyto planktons

6. ________ (1779) observed that ___________ is essential for release of oxygen.

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Jan Ingenhouz, sunlight

7. Kwashiorkor (protein deficiency), Merasmas (protein & calories deficiency) are examples for __________ .

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8. __________ (dodder, a leafless parasitic plant) absorbs food through __________.

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Cuscuta, haustoria

9. 6Co2+12H2O 6Co2+12H2O ———————→ ___________________

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C6H12O6 +6H2O+602

10. ____________ proved that O2 is released from water in photolysis.

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Robert Hill

11. __________ detected the point of maximum rate of photosynthesis.

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12. Expansion of RUBP is __________________ .

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Ribulose bis Phospate

13. Light reaction takes place in _________ . Dark reaction occurs in _______ .

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grana, stroma

14. No. of pigment molecules present in photosynthetic unit in each granum is _________ .

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15. __________ is the smallest unit of light.

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16. Amoeba takes in food using ____________ .

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17. Pancreatic juice contains enzymes like ___________.

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trypsin and lipase

18. Fats are digested by the __________ secreted by liver is called emulsification.

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bile juice

19. Water soluble Vitamins are _______. Fat soluble vitamins are __________ .

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B&C, A, D, E, and K

20. Vitamin “_______” (Cyanocobalamine) is synthesized by ___________ present in intestine.

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B12, bacteria

21. Deficiency of vitamin‘____’ (Thiamine) leads to ________.

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B1, Beriberi

22. Deficiency of vitamin ‘____’ (Ascorbic acid) causes ________ disease.

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C, scurvy

23. _________ occurs due to deficiency of vitamin ‘D’ (Calciferol).

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24. __________ (Retinol) prevents xeropthalmia, night blindness.

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Vitamin ’A’

25. Fertility disorders occur due to the deficiency of _________ (Tocoferol).

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vitamin ‘E’
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