Chemistry Daily Quiz Questions with Answers in Telugu Free Online Mock Test For All Competitive Exams

Chemistry Daily Quiz Questions with Answers in Telugu Free Online Mock Test For All Competitive Exams

GS Telugu Chemistry

Current Affairs General Studies Chemistry , General Knowledge Physical Science Questions and Answers Practice Bits in Telugu For all Competitive Exams. Learn and practice with latest current affairs quiz and practice test questions on Physical Science to crack current affairs GS section of any competitive exam specially General Studies Paper in APPSC, TSPSC, SI,CONSTABLE, GROUP 1,2,3,4, SSC, RRB, UPSC etc. These MCQ questions with answers help students to crack Polycet, junior inter cets and 10th class students will get good marks in board exams. Lead the Competition provides a set of multiple choice questions on Chemistry below. Keep updated with these important gk questions with answers available now. These mcq questions are helpful in preparation for  All Competitive Exams.

Chemistry Quiz General Studies Questions For All Compititive Exams

General Studies Chemistry Syllabus for various exams:

Introduction to Chemistry
1 Atomic structure:.
2 Chemical bonding:
3 Solid State:
4 Gaseous state:
5 Thermodynamics and statistical thermodynamics:
6 Phase equilibria and solutions:
7 Electrochemistry:
8. Chemical kinetics:
9. Photochemistry:
10. Surface phenomena and catalysis:
11. Bio-inorganic chemistry:
12. Coordination chemistry:
12.1. Electronic configurations
12.2 Isomerism in coordination compounds.
12.3. Synthesis and structures of metal carbonyls
12.4. Complexes with aromatic systems
13. General chemistry of ‘f’ block elements:
14. Non-Aqueous Solvents:

1. Delocalised covalent bonding:
2.1. Reaction mechanisms:
2.2. Reactive intermediates:
2.3. Substitution reactions:
2.4. Elimination reactions:
2.5. Addition reactions:
2.6. Rearrangements:
3 Pericyclic reactions:
4. Chemistry and mechanism of reactions:
5.1. Physical chemistry of polymers:
5.2. Preparation and properties of polymers:
5.3. Biopolymers:
6. Synthetic uses of reagents:
7. Photochemistry:
8.1. Rotational spectra:
8.2. Vibrational spectra:
8.3. Electronic spectra:
8.4. Nuclear magnetic resonance:
8.5. Mass spectra:
8.6. Electron spin resonance:

Total Questions: 10
Time: 10 Minutes
Marks: 1 for each question
Negative Marks: NO
Test type: Random Test
Cost: Free

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