Child Development and Pedagogy TET Paper 1 Free Online Mock Test

Child Development and Pedagogy TET Paper 1 Free Online Mock Test

TRT TET Psychology

Child Development and Pedagogy mcq questions are very important objective multiple choice questions for crack TET Paper 1 in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh based on D.Ed, B.Ed books. This Child Development and Pedagogy
Practice Test is very useful for students to get good score in TET, TRT examination.

Child Development and Pedagogy TET Paper 1 Free Online Mock Test is useful fro crack TS TET, AP TET, CTET, UP TET, KTET etc

Child Development and Pedagogy

Child Development and Pedagogy Syllabus For TET, TRT:
I. Child Development and Pedagogy (Marks: 30)
1. DEVELOPMENT OF CHILD: Development, Growth & Maturation – Concept & Nature- Principles of Development- Factors influencing Development – Biological, Psychological, Sociological- Dimensions of Development and their interrelationships – Physical & Motor, Cognitive, Emotional, Social, Moral, Language relating to Infancy, early Childhood, late Childhood. Understanding Development – Piaget, Kohlberg, Chomsky, Carl Rogers- Individual differences – Intra & Inter Individual differences in the areas of Attitudes, Aptitude, Interest, Habits, Intelligence and their Assessment- Development of Personality – Concept.

2. UNDERSTANDING LEARNING: Concept, Nature of Learning – Input – Process – Outcome- Factors of Learning – Personal and Environmental- Approaches to Learning and their applicability – Behaviorism (Skinner, Pavlov, Thorndike), Constructivism (Piaget, Vygotsky), Gestalt (Kohler, Koffka) and Observational (Bandura)- Dimensions of Learning – Cognitive, Affective and Performance- Motivation and Sustenance –its role in learning.- Memory & Forgetting- Transfer of Learning

3. PEDAGOGICAL CONCERNS: Teaching and its relationship with learning and learner- Learners in Contexts: Situating learner in the socio-political and cultural context – Children from diverse contexts – Children With Special Needs (CWSN), Inclusive Education – Understanding of Pedagogic methods – Enquiry based learning, Project-based learning,

Total Questions:30
Marks: 30
Negative Marks: NO
Durations: 30 Minutes

Leaderboard: TRT TET Psychology

maximum of 441 points
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